All Desert Safari Tours

Land Cruiser in desert Sunset

Evening Desert Safari

Price: 79 AED

Join us for an evening safari excursion to discover the appeal of the desert beneath the stars, complete with exhilarating dune bashing and peaceful sunset vistas.

Morning safari

Morning Desert Safari

Price: 150 AED

Set out on an exciting early-morning desert safari where excitement meets the serene beauty of dawn. With our guided trip, you may walk on golden sands.

Riding Camel

Private Desert Safari

Price: 800 AED

Take a custom trip across the desert with our private safari package. Take advantage of special access to breathtaking scenery, exhilarating activities.

Overnight safari desert

Overnight Desert Safari

Price: 250 AED

With our overnight desert safari tour, you may set off on an amazing journey. Enjoy a wonderful evening in the calm serenity of the desert.

Riding desert car

Desert Safari + ATV

Price: 210 AED

Using an all-terrain vehicle, tour the massive desert landscape, scaling tall sand dunes, and taking in the pure beauty of the desert.

VIP desert safari

Desert Safari + VIP

Price: 170 AED

Enjoy fine dining, first-rate amenities, and VIP access to cultural events to make sure you have an absolutely amazing desert adventure.

Desert car

Desert Safari ATV + VIP

Price: 299 AED

Experience the exhilarating excitement of conquering sandy terrain while exploring the desert dunes on an ATV journey. After that, relax in VIP style with unrestricted access to first-rate facilities.